Welcome to the website of the Rolling Stocks Investment Club.

In the spirit of sharing information across the investment club community, this website provides details of who we are, how we function as a group, what we are investing in, how well we are performing, and gives you access to lots of our documents which we hope you find interesting, useful and informative.

We strongly believe that our financial success so far is largely due to the disciplines that come from following our '3 sub-portfolio' strategy which has evolved since the inception of the club.  We're particularly pleased with the success we've had from our mechanical portfolio and would welcome any comments and thoughts you might have about it.

Please browse our website, examine our strategy, read our minutes and please help us benefit from your opinions by contacting us here if you have any comment about our website, our approach or just to ask us why we have a llama as a logo!
Winners of 2005 Proshare Award for Most Successful Club Using Alternative Share Trading

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